HipPea January Restaurant We Heart

2023 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814, California
HipPea January Restaurant We Heart

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HipPea is a healthy, delicious way to eat meatless. We use organic chickpeas to make the absolute hands down best Falafel you have ever tasted. Everything is made fresh daily including their fluffy pita pockets. To see a full review go to this link

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Reviews for HipPea January Restaurant We Heart

Goldfish February 19, 2017

love love the Thai food here...i was on second street shopping and decided to have lunch here. They have a lunch special a curry bowl with steamed rice. Not only was it a great price bu

Super February 5, 2017

I gave Hippea five hearts because the Falafels were the best I have had. Seasoned to perfection and the sauces are really good. Will be dropping in again next time i am in the area.

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