Blackbird Cafe, October Restaurant Heart

3405 Orange Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807, California
Blackbird Cafe, October Restaurant Heart

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(562) 490-2473
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The Blackbird Café is located in the beautiful city of California Heights. For those who live in other areas of Long Beach or Orange County this tiny breakfast and lunch place is definitely worth the The owner Debbie, created the kind of place that she was looking for to go eat.The place Debbie had in mind had a unique menu, fresh quality food, a dog-friendly outdoor dining area, and an artistic atmosphere, all at a fair price. That is exactly what you will find at the Blackbird Cafe on the corner of Wardlow and Orange in Long Beach...continue reading

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Reviews for Blackbird Cafe, October Restaurant Heart

Star10 February 5, 2017

Went to Blackbird for breakfast. The Bacon, eggs and home fries with toast and breafas i had in a long time. Found a new spot for breakfast.

Meganm November 8, 2016

Great Gourmet burgers and fries...shared my friends Tortilla soup and it was delicious too. A little noisy inside so we sat out on the patio. This will be my favorite lunch place.

Max November 7, 2016

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