Saints On Second

4828 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803, California
Saints On Second

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(562) 433-4828
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Saint & Second brings to life all the craft and quality we want to share with our home town: a chef-inspired, come-as-you-are destination with creative, locally-sourced seasonal cuisine, organic cocktails, hundreds of curated whiskies, works by California artists and a spirit of community and hospitality. Welcome to your new corner hangout. It’s been decades in the making.

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Mary w
Mary w August 13, 2016

The food at this place is on the other side of being good. Not sure who\'s in the kitchen but they are turning out some good eats. Went for lunch and sat in the upstairs outdoor area.I had the burger, and it was incredibly tasty! besides i loved the brioche bun which was dense, sweet and savor. My friend had the veggie burger and she was very the interior.

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