Rainbow Juices - Our August Heart

246 East 3rd Street, California
Rainbow Juices - Our August Heart

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Rainbow Juices is a natural expansion of our love for delicious, living foods and our passion to educate and serve others. Our cold-pressed journey began in 2011 in our home kitchen where we created special juice blends for friends and yoga students. With the number of orders flowing in, we quickly realized that our community needed real food options and needed our help. Since then, we have dedicated our research, our recipes and our energy to helping others find health and balance in their lives through juice, cleansing, and raw food. Dawna and Chrissy are an adventurous, active, crafty couple living in Long Beach with their beautiful daughter, Isis. They are grateful to contribute to the health and wellness of the fine folks of Long Beach, one juice at a time.

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Avery August 28, 2016

My friend and i went there after going to Gold\'s gym. What can you say I am trying to make a change. I was like a duck out of water. Never been to juice bar so I picked up a popeye and my friend got higher ground. Popeye was plenty of green for a person trying to make a change, kale and spinach laced with apples, carrots and lemon. Pretty tasty and healthy.

Kitty August 22, 2016

I absolutely love this juice place...so authentic,..so pure and they really have a passion for making the best fresh pressed juices in Long Beach..I have to give them five hearts.

Fisher August 11, 2016

Did a three day cleanse and since then have been dropping in at Rainbow Juices to try to keep the healthy habits. after working out at Gold\'s Gym i have been dropping by to pick up a new juice everyday and ending my days with lots of fresh greens. My favorite so far seems to be the Green Means to go..spinach, Kale, celery, cucumber and lemon. In my old life I would have gotten something with more fruit but this is a new life and Rainbow saves me time.

Alex August 5, 2016

Went there one morning after my workout and was impressed with the Kale Mafia. Kale, Apples, ginger and lemon made my day. Now this is my regular a couple of times a week.

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