Manaow Thai - Heart Award

3618 E. Broadway Long Beach, California 90803, California
Manaow Thai - Heart Award

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Voted one of the top three Thai Restaurants in Long Beach by our Heart Foodies, Manaow is a contemporary and casual Thai neighborhood restaurant. what can we say about this adorable little place tucked into an ordinary shopping center between a Laundromat and a liquor store. In this case don’t let the location fool you because the Thai food coming from this tasteful, elegant, and clean restaurant is nothing short of Thai goodness....continue reading

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Reviews for Manaow Thai - Heart Award

Dwman September 19, 2016

Number two of the three recommended. We ordered the mango with sticky rice, Chicken Satay, Pad-Thai noodles and Papaya salad. All the food was on par with Thai district. The only reason i am giving the four hearts is because the restaurant is loud and a little trendy. Overall very good recommendation.

Ddlyne September 7, 2016

Everytime I go to this place I order the Pad Kee Mao and Pad Thai. I am working my way through the menu and so far I am in love with this Thai place. Glad to see them as one of the top three Thai places in Long Beach. Every time this place gets five hearts from me.

Jims July 12, 2016

The Thai food here is amazing...i think it\'s one of the best places in Long Beach for Thai. I always get the Panang Curry and the Pad Thai. Both are delicious. The Curry broth is rich and they only use white meat in the Chicken Panang. If i could give them more than five stars I would.

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