About Us

We absolutely heart living in Long Beach. Here are just a few things that we heart.

We heart the beaches and all the great things that surround it like the Queen Mary, our amazing Aquarium of the Pacific and the water sports activities.

 We heart our summer movies in the park…at the beach and all our coordinated events that keep us entertained.

We Heart the awesome creative talent including our local musicians, visual artist, poets and authors. We also heart our theatre companies including the Long Beach Playhouse and the Performing Arts Center.

We heart our museums including MOLAA and LBMA because they enable, embrace and support our talents.

We absolutely heart our diverse variety of restaurants including our  indie food artist and how that community has evolved into an art form with local artisan brands excelling in quality and variety.

 We heart our handmade community and places like “Made in Long Beach” that help facilitate our mission for quality handmade items.

We heart how our elected officials who work together to solve numerous city problems. We also heart how much continuing effort they put into embracing our artistic environment

We heart how we embrace our diverse population with its lively blend of ethnicities and countercultures.

Most of all we heart our sense of community because our city is a true melting pot of the human race.

So join us by using this website to heart the best and let those who need to do better know what they need to do to improve.







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